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Grasshopper Workshop for Professionals [IPD]



Grasshopper Workshop for Professionals [IPD]

Introduction to Parametric design Workshop


SESSION -115- August

SESSION -222- August

SESSION -329- August

SESSION -405- September

SESSION -512- September


76 eskaan rabaa el estesmary, App. 1 [Map Link]


Ayman Wagdy Mohamed Ibrahim

Research Associate – Sustainable Research Group | The American University in Cairo

M.Sc. Architecture – Architecture and Building Technology | Politecnico Di Milano

Workshop Aim:

The objective of this workshop is to introduce participants to the Fundamental Concepts and Essential Skills necessary for effectively designing with Grasshopper for Rhinoceros. In 5 days, the participants will focus on the key advantages of Grasshopper’s capabilities through a range of design challenges in order to aid designers in both their drafting tasks and modelling capabilities.

The workshop covers many concepts such as Object Attributes/Parameters, Data Types, Data Structures, and Designing with Algorithms. Specifically, this course will focus on understanding both Lists and Data Trees, as well as the best practices for integrating Grasshopper into your Professional Design Workflow. The workshop offers guided curriculum and continuous support, based on in-depth and professional learning experiences.

Workshop outcomes: Teach the participants how to:-

+ be proficient in parametric logics learning the key benefits of parametric techniques in architecture design workflow (when to use it & how to use it) + Correctly communicate with different 3D and BIM packages in order to keep the geometry clean and light while preserving all NURBS information. + Develop architecture design based on mathematical equations to create non-standard free form building skin. + Create a pattern that changes dynamically based on specific inputs which can be applied over the building façade, interior walls or ceiling or even floor pattern. + Automate and Optimize design variables to achieve the optimum solution for the design problem.

Program Outline:

DAY 1: -Introduction to Parametric Design -Introduction to Grasshopper & Rhino (technical tools).

DAY 2: -Exploring the parametric workflow. -Setup the design algorithm & generating a list of data.

DAY 3: -Introducing the new ways of generating parametric curves and surfaces. -Parametric form generation in-dept

DAY 4: -Introducing Data Tree logic and parametric transformations. -Creating Associative techniques – Attractors (points, curves and vectors).

DAY 5: -Working with advanced form generation with dynamic pattern. -Parametric optimization based on environmental analysis -featuring the Performance-Driven Design possibilities.


6 – 8 hours per day [30 – 40 hours Total]

Every Friday [9.00 Am : 1.00 Pm & 2.30 Pm : 6.00 Pm]


No need of any specific knowledge of Rhinoceros or Grasshopper.


In order to register, you will need to fill the Registration Form .


13th August 2014.


1500 LE for Professional Architects & Interior Designers.

1200 LE for Master & PhD Students.


Not more than [9] participants.

Plus [2] online for who lives outside Cairo.


**Arch. Haitham Salah


Mob: 01006442773

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