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Parametric Simulations and Graphs

Using the new parallel simulation plugin (SpeedSim-for-DIVA), this workshop is a leading workshop on high performance façades and parametric analysis techniques. A strong discussion encompassing all aspects of Daylight and Energy modeling for achieving highly performance building envelopes. The workshop bridges design, research, academia and the profession in one workflow.

Workshop Aim: The objective of this workshop is to provide participants with an understanding of how to use parametric modeling tool along with Radiance and EnergyPlus (DIVA For Grasshopper & SpeedSim) together to achieve the optimum sustainable design, and publish their results in scientific journals and conferences.

Workshop Outcomes: Teach the participants how to:- +Create a 1000s of iterations using the Exhaustive Search Method. +Conduct Parallel Daylight and Energy simulations using DIVA & SpeedSim which communicates with Radiance & EnergyPlus.

+ Automate and Speed up the Simulation process with SpeedSim-for-DIVA. +Perform a validated simulation results which can be published in scientific journals. +Organize and analyze the simulation results based on each optimization method that were used.

+ create Parametric 3D & 2D charts and Graph inside Grasshopper to visualize 1000s of simulation results.

+Identify the best possible set of solutions based on the balance between thermal and daylighting performance.

CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE: Certificate of attendance from [Arkan-Architects] will be issued after presenting your final presentation.


Good Grasshopper experiance is a MUST.

TIME & DATE: - (16th,23th,30th) of January & (6th,13th) of February. - [9:00 AM : 5:00 PM]. - 7 Days - 35 Hours


Early registration 1800 LE (12/1/2016) Late registration 2200 LE (15/1/2016) ** Payment details will be sent to the registered participants. ** Your registration will be deleted if you couldn't confirm you registration in 2 days by paying the fees.

REGISTRATION : please follow this link TOTAL NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: Maximum [10] participants + [1] Online.


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