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Parallel Simulations 4 DIVA-for-Rhino

SpeedSim is Copyright © 2014-2018, Ayman Wagdy, All Rights Reserved. Arkan-Architects LLC ("Arkan-Architects LLC") and Ayman Wagdy have the exclusive rights to license and distribute SpeedSim.


SpeedSim-for-DIVA (“SpeedSim”) allows running multiple daylight simulations by using the full processing power of multicore desktops. The number of parallel simulations can be interactively adjusted according to the user needs or the computer capabilities. Then, SpeedSim processes the results making it easy to evaluate the daylighting performance through different metrics.


SpeedSim performs the required simulations for the daylighting modeling files created by DIVA-for-Rhino plug-in in GRASSHOPPER which are generated by using the (“Write Only”) function in the DIVA Daylight Analysis component. It executes the simulations through GRASSHOPPER native components coupled with C# and VB.NET scripting components.


DIVA-for-Rhino is a validated daylighting and energy modeling plug-in for the RHINOCEROS NURBS for Windows. The simulation results generated by DIVA-for-Rhino are validated and published in many specialized international journals.  DIVA-for-Rhino is copyrighted to the President and Fellows of Harvard College. Solemma LLC is the current developer and distributor of DIVA-for-Rhino.


RHINOCEROS NURBS is an advanced 3d NURBS modeling software and it is copyrighted to Robert McNeel & Associates.


GRASSHOPPER™ is a graphical algorithm editor tightly integrated with Rhino's 3-D modeling tools and it is copyrighted to Robert McNeel & Associates.


In order to be able to use SpeedSim. You need to obtain a license of :







Installation Guide

(Installing and Activation)  Guide
Download SpeedSim-for-DIVA
Installing SpeedSim
SpeedSim Tap in Grasshopper
License Generation in SpeedSim
License Generation in SpeedSim
License Generation in SpeedSim
License Generation in SpeedSim
SpeedSim License Activation
SpeedSim License Activation
Check License Activation in SpeedSim
SpeedSim is Activated

Download Now

SpeedSim-for-DIVA is now avilable for download Evaluate SpeedSim with a Free Trial License

License Registration

Get SpeedSim License

SpeedSim Online Subscription gives you a flexible, pay-as-you-go approach for an affordable budget.


Click the links below and it will lead you to a secure  payment website (Gumroad) 

Commercial license

Educational license

Students and Scholars are invited to register with their educational emails in order to be eligible for the discounted prices.


This grasshopper definition illustrates the workflow needed in grasshopper in order to use all SpeedSim components.

DEMO Video​

A quick video tutorial showing how to use SpeedSim in action. More video tutorials will be added soon.

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